Meg & Rory’s Wedding

Meg & Rory’s Wedding

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Meg & Rory’s WeddingFayeSmith_BrideWedding
Meg Paton has been a friend of mine since my arrival in Vancouver in September 2008. I was thrilled when she contacted me, letting me know the great news of her engagement.

Meg emailed me inspiration picture of Dita Von Teese, a stunning and classic look!

Meg and high school sweet heart, Rory Kuziw, had chosen to say their vowes at The Hollywood Theatre on Broadway in Vancouver. A stunning, old fashioned theatre, where Meg would walk down the aisle in her glamourous, white and black lace dress with a net veil to add drama. A day to remember? I think so!


The morning of the wedding was wild! Myself and my assistant makeup artist, Mika, arrived at Meg’s apartment at 6am sharp. We had a bride and 7 bridesmaids to beautify by 9.30am. The apartment was filled with makeup artists, hair stylist, friends and family. This was certainly a ladies morning accompanied with fruit bowls, scones, muffins and most importantly, coffee! Nothing but energy flowing in this room!

The flowers arrived, the bridesmaids were dolled up. Our bride was in the hair hot seat and about to wrap up ready to relax into my chair. Beginning with a cleanse, tone, moisturise and prime, I prepared Meg’s skin, ready for the makeup application.

Flawless skin is the first step followed by contouring the face to chisel Meg’s bone structure. A beautiful peach blush paired with a high glisten shimmer on the cheak bones are the finishing touches to the perfect base of a beautiful face. A simple shadow with white and shimmer shadow highlights and a mid brown crease line, paired with a strong and dominant black liquid liner, boldened Meg’s eyes beautifully. Of course, false lashes and a coating of waterproof mascara finished our eye design. A slight tint and definition was added to the brows to frame the face. The lips, simply CHANEL! Red, always!


Congratulations to Meg and Rory Kuziw. I wish you both the best of luck in the married life.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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