Michelle & Nathan’s Wedding

Michelle & Nathan’s Wedding

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One of my favourite venues in Vancouver is Hycroft Manor. I have worked here styling hair and makeup for numerous weddings, photo shoots, and other special occasions. This building reminds me so much of England, which is where I am from. I love the detail in the walls, carpets, ceiling and furniture. Everyone feels like royalty when standing in this building! It certainly makes a wonderful venue for weddings.


On the morning of Michelle’s wedding, I met her and her mother in the bridal suite at Hycroft Manor. Myself and Michelle had previously had a trial run of her makeup, so we knew exactly what the end results would be. The look we were going for was very fresh and natural.


Michelle is lucky to have flawless skin. We all need to know her secret 😉 what ever she is using, I want to use! As a result of this fabulous canvas I had to work with, I was able to use minimal products for her foundation; a light coat of tinted moisturisor, a dab of concealer, and powder to remove shine. Oh, and just a dab of peach blush…and…maybe I added a little shimmer to the top of her cheeks bones to…and a slight contour to shape her face… =P tricks the trade, you know how it is!


For Michelle’s eye makeup, I used a shimmery peach eye shadow, all over her eye lid. There was just enough colour to show up in pictures, but still look very natural in person. I added a brown, pencil eye liner to the outer corners of her top eye lid. I blended the colour with an angled brush, to create a subtle shadow that would open up her eye, but look very natural at the same time. To finish this look, I curled her lashes and applied two coats of Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black Waterproof Mascara. A great product that gives mercy to the beauty of happy tears.


To finish up our fresh and natural look, I added a subtle punch of colour to Michelle’s lips. The colour I applied was a bright orange lipstick by Nars. I dabbed down the colour so the coverage was just a subtle tint, and added a little gloss over the top. This lipstick brightened up her whole face!


One other subtle detail I did, was apply a brown eye shadow into the corner of Michelle’s eye brows. This really gave shape to the face. Bringing Michelle’s eye brows up and out, opened up her eyes even more.


The images you see in this blog are taken by Denise Lin Photography, who I was lucky enough to meet at the wedding. I adore these images. Denise really did a great job in capturing every precious moment of the most special day of Michelle and Nathan’s lives so far. Having a great photographer at your wedding is so important! These images will become a part of your family’s history for decades to come.


I also got the chance to meet Julia Wei, from Fortune Events Vancouver, who was Michelle’s wedding planner. I had been in touch with Julia through email and phones calls leading up to Michelle’s wedding day. I admire how kind and caring Julia is, and not to forget to mention, how insanely organized she is. A crucial trait to have in your event planner.


Thank you to Mink Hair & Makeup for pairing me with Michelle. We certainly made a great bride and artist match.


Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair