MIYU: Embracing Beauty from the Inside and Out

MIYU: Embracing Beauty from the Inside and Out

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Introducing MIYU…the first lifestyle beauty brand to pair teas with skincare. Check out this super cute youtube video to get ahead start on your knowledge about this innovative addition to your beautiful life. Launching August 2013!


Thank you to MIYU for sending me some very cute tea and skincare samples to test and review. In the above image you see the newest addition to the contents of my purse; MIYU’s Hydrate Mi Beauty Essence Pairing No 1. This product is a revolutionary fusion between a facial mist and a serum that can prime the skin for moisturiser, act as a base for makeup and provide an instant surge of hydration any time of the day. I think it is such a funny coincidence that MIYU chose to send this product to me as I was presently searching for a pure rose water suitable to spray on my client’s face at the start of my makeup applications. Rose water is known to be soothing, calming and relaxing so I had figured a spritz would be great to start anyone’s day! I test all products on myself before using them on my clients and after testing pure rose waters, I found I had minor breakouts =[ no fun! Now I found MIYU, all of my boxes are ticked.


Being English, you know I am a tea lover… The concept of tea benefiting the appearance of my skin greatly appeals to me ;-P After all, I am going to drink it anyway. This truly is the innovation of embracing beauty from the inside and out. I got to try MIYU’s Hydrate Mi Beauty Tea and although I can’t tell from just one brew whether it has improved the condition of my skin or not, it sure did taste good! But seriously, click the links provided in this blog post and read about the benefits in more detail. How much easier can being beautiful be?




Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair