My First Boudoir Shoot with Nicole Brown

My First Boudoir Shoot with Nicole Brown

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My First Boudoir Shoot

After working with photographer, Nicole Brown on a shoot over on Victoria Island, I was delighted to hear from her again, this time to inform me that she was coming to Vancouver to do a shoot. A boudoir shoot. I had done a similar style shoot last year on one of the first few photo shoots in my career. I of course was more than happy to come along to River Rock Casino in Richmond to make the girls up to look simply sexy and seducing. Nicole’s choice of models was fantastic! Three completely different girls, all looking so innocent and angelic ready to be transformed into sex kittens sprawling around the hotel room.

Nicole had another photographer come along with her from Orange Frog Studios. It wasnt long before all 6 of us were giggling and smiling as our beautiful models had fun posing in front of the cameras. Words of encouragement were flying from everyones mouths resulting in wilder and more extravagant poses. The shoot produced such a variety of shots and Nicole, as always, was sure to take some great makeup shots for me. It is great working with such a considerate photographer.

Nicole Brown Photography
Orange Frog Studio

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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