My first makeup artist interview…

My first makeup artist interview…

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My first makeup artist interview…

Faye Smith Makeup Artist Interview

I had met a wonderful woman named Monica via email. I had contacted her as I sent out copies of my resume, portfolio pictures and a cover letter in order to spread the word that I was a new makeup artist out there ready to work. Monica responded among many others, but none wanted to help quite like she did. She had been a makeup artist herself and experienced the struggle that making the job a success is. She gathered all of the relevant information from me and created a number of website profiles for me such as a profile on makeup artist listings. She began forwarding clients to me who were in search of a makeup artist for their graduations and weddings. I had enquiries and bookings coming in and I was so thankful for her help.

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Later I recieved a request to join up to a meetup group entitled, Vancouver Makeup Artists and Beauty Lovers. I was appointed admin of this group and helped in the organisation of our first meetup which I have previously blogged about.  Little did I know, the first organiser of Vancouver Makeup Artist & Beauty Lovers, Constantin, was actually Monica’s husband! They are doing so much to try and promote me as an artist, and I have never known any two strangers be so kind and helpful in all of my life. A truely warm hearted couple that I wish to stay in touch with for the duration of my time as a makeup and hair artist.

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