My House with Patti Mac

My House with Patti Mac

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Patti Mac is my closest, most loyal client. There is no person in this world who has had their makeup styled by me more times. Having spent time together at least once a month for almost an entire year, I and Patti have really gotten to know each other, and have grown close. Patti enjoys wearing her “Faye Smith Makeup”, to coffee dates, theatre outings, and evenings out on the town. I love painting the same face over and over, experimenting each time, with new colours and techniques. We have done everything from an aqua blue, shimmery summer eye shadow, to a 50’s winged eye liner and red lip, to a dark, sexy smoky look. I am excited to see what we try next.


I had been working with photographer, Brandon Hart, on a number of photo shoots for his collection entitled, “My House”. The concept is loved by many, and has drawn a lot attention from clients and co-workers. The idea is very simple, yet tough to achieve. How many people freeze up in front of the camera, and end up giving their “camera face”? I know I do! Brandon brings people into his home, and simply enables them to be themselves, capturing them in their element, being real. Snapping up imagery of this is challenging due to the ol’, “camera face”, but this guy has a got a way with people. I knew Patti would love to do a photo shoot like this, so I suggested it to her! We booked the date, did the makeup, and had a blast doing this photo shoot!

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