My House

My House

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“My House” is a photograph concept that Brandon Hart, of Brandon Hart Photography, came up with in February 2012, when he first moved into his very own live/work photography studio, snapping shots of friends during a social evening together.


The images were organically produced through friends simply having fun, acting as themselves. It is hard to capture someone’s personality in an image, but when you do, the image becomes very unique. An image like no other.


The idea of having pictures taken of you, having fun, and being yourself, became appealing to fans of Brandon’s, who follow him through social media portals, such as facebook, and twitter. Some of Vancouver’s hottest models, such as Lucia Sobotka, and Samuel.C.Miller became interested in joining in on this project.


In this blog, you see images of Samuel, to which I styled the hair and makeup. This was Sam’s second ever photo shoot, and it was so fun to watch Brandon coach Sam into becoming loose, and free. It is so hard to be yourself in front of the camera. I have tried standing up there. I become stiff as a board with the same smile in every shot. Its tough to let your ego go…and just be you!


I have seen Brandon produce a number of My House shots, and I can’t wait to continue seeing them progress. I vision families,  and business owners shooting in this style. Who doesn’t want to show off how amazing they are…!


Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair