My Surprise Valentine’s Gift From Clarins

My Surprise Valentine’s Gift From Clarins

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I absolutely love receiving packages in the mail and this package from Clarins was a special one.

First I received a little package that contained a key and a message that read, “You will receive another package in a few days. Keep your double keys to discover the signification of these symbols…”. Of course I was instantly intrigued.

A few days had gone by when I received a slip from FEDEX notifying me that my package was being held at the nearest Shoppers Drug Mart post office. I was so excited to collect it.

I handed my slip to the gentlemen serving me and he presented me with a giant box! It was huge! Of course, after unravelling the layers of a big package, you are always left with something much smaller, but still, it was exciting! I didn’t have the key to hand so had to carry on my day with this locked box in my purse, knowing the key was sitting at home waiting for me. I was dying to know what was inside and slightly tempted to just tear it open!

At the end of the day when I arrived home I finally discovered the gift inside. It was the NEW Clarins Double Serum.  Attached to the serum was a Clarins USB Stick which held all of the information I needed to know about this product and its science.

The serum is in a fluid form and is powered by twenty pure plant extracts carrying potent, high technology molecules. This innovative product has a dual chamber system that combines two age-defying formulas into one ground breaking serum that reactivate skin’s vital functions, resulting in firmer skin, reduced wrinkles, more even skin tone and less visible pores in just four weeks.

This serum feels absolutely fantastic on your skin. It feels silky soft, smooth and most importantly for myself, hydrating. I am thoroughly enjoying using it and cannot wait for week number four to come along so I can see some good results. Thank you Clarins for being my Valentine =]

Faye  Smith
Makeup & Hair