DIY Nail Tips for Your Wedding Day

DIY Nail Tips for Your Wedding Day

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No wedding day is complete without the perfect manicure.

Weddings involve so many little details from the colour of napkins to whether you will have a smokey eye, or go natural, but one thing that’s often left to the last minute is your nails.

  • Make sure to take care of your nails prior to your wedding day. Weekly (if not, monthly) manicures will help the overall look of your nails on your wedding day.
  • It takes 6 months for your nails to grow. Allow yourself 4-6 months before your wedding day to really start taking care of them.
  •  Strengthening nail polish is your friend, apply a couple times a week.
  • Wearing Nail Polish as much as you can prior to your wedding day will protect your nails.
  • Hand lotion, nail creams, and cuticle creams are also your friend, and will keep your hands from looking dry and cracked. Keeping your cuticles moisturized makes it easier to get that “DIY” salon manicure look by being able to easily push back your cuticles.
  •  Clipping your nails (do not rip/tear your nails!) will help your nails grow. Keeping a nail file around will help in any “emergency” situations and will smooth out your nails.
  •  Believe it or not, but squoval (square with rounded edges) are the strongest shape of nails, and will be less likely to break.
  •  When painting your nails, apply a base coat, coloured polish, and a top coat – and give your nails at least 5 minutes to dry. (Be careful washing hands, as water will cause the freshly painted polish to peel.)


 It’s your day, so choose whatever colour you wish, but remember there will be photos, so a nice baby pink or French manicure is always a pretty timeline look to go with.

Faye Smith
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Blog By: Shayla Rose