Naughty Nurse Photo Shoot!

Naughty Nurse Photo Shoot!

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Naughty Nurse Photo Shoot!


It isn’t too often I get to join in on fun photo shoots these days, but when I do, I let me creative side take over me…


What better way to create gob smacking images than combining the creative minds of makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, models and stylists. Who ever wants to get involved, can be involved!


The images you see in this shoot were inspired by the mind of Karen Decorby-Learmonth of Amber Light Design.  Karen bought some ideas to the table to which the rest of the team were able to expand on. We were to have a themed day: naughty nurse, red riding hood, snow white…fantasy day! We had a fair skinned, red head model to play with. This was going to be fun!


Photographer, Tomo Tanaka, was aso snapping shots during this shoot. I’ve teamed up with Karen and Tomo since I moved to Vancouver! It must be coming up to three years of shooting together now! Our shoots get wilder and wilder each time we get together. I was so excited to see how this set would turn out.


We plan to do more shoots together in 2012 and of course, for years to come. Keep your eyes peeled for more outrageous images!


Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

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