Ness & Geoff’s Wedding

Ness & Geoff’s Wedding

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Ness & Geoff’s Wedding

When meeting with Ness, I knew I couldn’t be spending time with a more humble bride. She expressed to me that she was not a lady who would normally wear a lot of makeup, and wished to keep it hat way for her wedding day. She simply wanted to look like herself.

Deviating from the norm with her wedding gown, Ness had chosen to wear an elegant and earthy, green, floor length gown. Her wedding was set to take place on the beach, followed by a beautiful reception in Stanley Park.

For Ness’s makeup, I kept it simple using browns and golds for a natural eye shadow. A brown liner, blended out with a brown eye shadow and finished with waterproof mascara to tackle those tears that may wish to make an appearance during this emotional day.
For her lips, a simple tinted lipgloss would do the trick! I returned later in the day to pump up her makeup into an evening look.
“It’s my special day, why not have an evening look as well!” boasted Ness as she giggled to her sisters.

For Ness’s hair, I gave her a swoopy fringe, pulled away from her face and sprayed into place. We had a sunny yet windy day on our hands! Flinging fringes were not an option! The detail was all in the back. Pin curls, after pin curls, after pin curls! I love this look!

It was a pleasure to spend time with such a calm and kind bride. I am truely happy that Ness and Geoff are now united in marriage and wish them the best of luck for the future.

Photography by Jordi Sancho

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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