New Makeup Forever Products..

New Makeup Forever Products..

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Ohhh my goodness, so so so excited for these!

I don’t know about all the other makeup artists out there, but if you are a primer junkie, you will be so excited to see these new equalizers from Makeup Forever coming out! (Yes you read that correctly, not a primer – but an equalizer.)


The above photo really says it all, Makeup Forever is launching TEN new equalizers that work instead of a primer to prep and correct the skin before the rest of your makeup application. If you are working in the industry or just a regular gal, I’m sure you are all aware that sometimes our skin can look a little red, a little dry, a little dull and so on.. well these new equalizers will counteract any discoloration, as well as prep the skin even more to make your makeup application flawless and perfect.

There are ten different equalizers, and each one has a different focus which we’ve listed below for you.
– Mattifying Primer
– Soothing Primer
– Hydrating Primer- Nourishing Primer
– Redness Correcting Primer
– Radiant Primer in Pink, Blue, Peach, Yellow, Caramel, and Mauve

We cannot wait to get our hands on these to let you all know if they do actually work!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

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