New Summer Product – Swimspray!

New Summer Product – Swimspray!

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Who loves spending a day at the pool, but hates the nasty smell of chlorine left behind on your body? Well – apparently this product is the solution!
“As lifelong swimmers and students of the sport, we endeavored to find a solution to one of the longest-standing problems associated with swimming – chlorine odor and irritation – and to provide that solution to the swimming community. Our product and solution to that problem, SwimSpray, was invented by swimmers for swimmers, and our company is 100% owned and operated by swimmers.” –

What is SwimSpray?
“Vitamin C. Yes, it’s that simple. We found that many people want to minimize the things that they put on their body. Accordingly, SwimSpray is 100% natural with only a couple ingredients: water and several forms of vitamin C. Compare that ingredient list with your other products!”

Although Faye’s busy schedule has not yet allowed her to try out this product, she will be spending a day by the pool shortly, and a review of this product will be coming shortly after!

Check out the video below to learn a little more about SwimSpray!

Stay tuned for our review coming soon!

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