Nicole Bell’s Wedding

Nicole Bell’s Wedding

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Nicole Bell’s Wedding

It was an absolute pleasure to be the makeup artist of choice for Nicole Bell’s wedding day. I was pleased to have the company of my amazingly talented hair stylist, Caitanna Hoffart, who helped me pamper Nicole and her party of seven ladies on the morning of her wedding.

Myself and Nicole had begun contact well in advance in the summer of 2010. I like a bride who is organised!

We met for coffee after exchanging a few emails and phone calls. Meeting with your artist is a wonderful way to see if you will get along. As a bride, you are about to spend a lot of time with your artist over the next year, so making sure your personalities don’t clash will certainly make a big different in how much you enjoy your time with them.

Myself and Nicole were giggling from the gheko. It was a beauty match made in heaven 😉

We waited until early 2011 to schedule Nicole’s consultation. I don’t like to have my consultations too early as many details of the wedding could change that may effect the design/style of the hair and makeup my bride wishes to have; the colour scheme, the dress, the location, the level of formaility, the length of their hair…the list goes on…

I always have my brides send me inspiration pictures; images of what they imagine their hair and makeup to look like. They may also like to send me images of their gown and even their bridesmaids gowns. The more information I can gather, the better!

For Nicole, she were to have a purple and green colour scheme. She doesn’t normally wear a lot of my makeup but on her wedding day, she wanted to look and feel glamorous. I was glad to hear she wasn’t afraid of colour. A deep purple smokey eye with dark black liner and big lashes was our makeup design of choice. So much fun and super duper sexy!

Myself and Caitie had an absolute blast with Nicole and her guests. What a fun bunch of ladies! Thank you Nicole for having us spent this time with you. It was absolute please and we would like to say…CONGRATULATIONS!!! YOUR A WIFE!!! =D

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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