Not Only Makeup!

Not Only Makeup!

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This year Faye has not only been focusing on makeup, but has been focusing a lot of hair styling and is discovering a huge love for it!

Faye’s hair techniques are becoming more and more complex and advanced.

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Faye has taken the time, and has been teaching other artists how to style hair and have also attended a Kevin Murphy styling class this year as well.

Faye and fellow makeup artist, Kym Davidson, have been pairing up to work on our Indian bridal portfolio. You will see a ton of their amazing work out this year. The photos in this specific post are from a collaboration with The Suit Company, Rami (model) and Denise Lin Photography.
You can call this the fairytale, modern Indian bride ;-P Her hair was full on traditional with the twist of a shaved side of the head (the model came like this, Faye didn’t shave her hair off!) There are hair extensions, hair doughnuts and all sorts of amazing things in this fancy up do!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

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