Now Available at Sephora…

Now Available at Sephora…

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This is such exciting news for all us makeup junkies out in the world!

After a long awaited period.. Velour Lashes are now available at Sephora! Now – before we get too excited, note that they are not available at every single Sephora, just specific locations.. (for all us Vancouver gals – it’s looking like Sephora Robson, and Park Royal in West Vancouver will have them..)

Why are these lashes so great? Well! Let us tell you..

“Based out of Toronto, Velour Lashes offers the sophisticated woman 100% authentic mink lashes – custom designed to suit your preference and to help you achieve the look you desire. A must-have makeup accessory, our lashes are handmade from the highest quality product and offer a full and luscious frame to your eyes, no matter what the occasion.

What’s the Velour Lashes mission? Ultimately, we want all women to feel beautiful and confident each and every day, and sometimes all it takes to get there is a bit of ‘oomph’ with Velour Lashes.” – Velour Lashes

Some of our favorite lashes are below!

These bad boys are called “What The Fluff!”
They will provide your lashes with just enough flare and “oomph” for that sexy sultry look that all us ladies want!


Um, how adorable is the name for this pair? “It’s Sho Fluffy!”
For real – LOOK AT THESE LASHES! Oh man, we cannot wait until we get our hands on a pair of these guys, and will be posting a photo for sure!

Make sure you head to Sephora as soon as possible to grab your Velour Lashes before they sell out!

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