Official Launch of Robert Hensley Organic Lip Colors

Official Launch of Robert Hensley Organic Lip Colors

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Exactly what the photography says, healthy lips are sexy.
Makeup artist Robert Hensley has never been a fan of buying traditional lipstick for his kit. He is know for blending lip pencils, pigments, shadows and lip conditioner to create custom colors for his clients. He has launched a new line of handcrafted, Organic Lip Colors – five shades of tinted lip balm, which can be worn alone or blended with lip pencils for greater depth.

“They say ‘do what you know,’ so I started by making a lip product I’d want to use,” says Hensley of his Organic Lip Colors. “I’ve never really been a fan of lipsticks, one flat color on the lips. I wanted something to go on soft, feel smooth and give a pop of color. And I wanted something with a healthy benefit.”


As a licensed aesthetician, Hensley understands how delicate the tissue of the lips can be. He developed his  products using certified organic ingredients, like beeswax, cocoa butter and coconut oil, which would hydrate, protect and combat the signs of aging in the lips. Cinnamon leaf extract provides a mild plumping effect. The Organic Lip Colors are tinted with pure mineral pigments. There are no chemical preservatives or dyes used in the production of the lip balms.


Hensley has curated a core collection of five shades: ‘Goose and Gander,’ a clear lip conditioner; ‘Inspiration,’ a ruby-tinted balm with a hint of gold shimmer; ‘Blush,’ a natural blush with a bronze satin finish; ‘Confidence,’ a creamy red; and ‘Stained,’ a subtle hint of berry stain. The Organic Lip Colors come in recyclable tins with plain paper labels and a professional lip brush. They can be ordered online via Robert Hensley‘s website:

In Faye’s words… “this is a great alternative to a tinted lip balm, it adds just a tint of color and is very natural!”

Blog and Photographs Courtesy of Robert Hensley Website.

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