Our Oscar Fashion Misses

Our Oscar Fashion Misses

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Well, we wrote our Oscar hits last night, and tonight is all about our Oscar misses..
Being in the industry, it’s hard to be judgmental of other artists work, so we decided to take it a bit easy and show you what we think are our red carpet fashion misses…

Gwyneth Paltrow
What. The. Heck. is on her shoulder!? She has an amazing body and could’ve worn a stunning gown.. but she went for this… not too impressed Ms. Paltrow..

Scarlett  Johansson
Well, this is a bummer. She’s truly stunning, and her hair is off, and what is around her neck!? Oh boy.. again, could’ve pulled of something absolutely beautiful, but nope.

Lady Gaga
Okay.. we’ll admit, this is better than the oh-so-famous meat dress.. BUT – maybe ditch the rubber gloves Gaga, looks like you just came out of the kitchen from washing dishes (and can you even move your arms?!)
We will most definitely forgive you though because your Sound of Music performance blew us away!

Kerry Washington
I’m going to be brutally honest here.. this looks like something that belongs, or may have been a part of my grandmothers couch.. she is an absolute babe and looks damn good for having a child recently and could’ve gotten away with wearing something so much better than this!

Well, that’s enough of us criticizing the celebs for now, can’t say the Oscars was the best four hours we’ve spent infront of the TV this year, but it’s always nice seeing others recognized for what they’ve done!

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