Out With The Old: Knowing When To Replace Your Makeup

Out With The Old: Knowing When To Replace Your Makeup

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New years eve has come and gone and we have been once again, unceremoniously thrust into a new year. New years tends to be a time of reflection for many people, a time to clean out life’s junk and resolve to be a better person. That resolve doesn’t always make it all the way to our makeup kits, but it should. Although we don’t think about it much, makeup can spoil and even sometimes become contaminated. While professional makeup artists are constantly working to keep their kits fresh and sterile, personal makeup collections often are neglected. Here is a list of what you should replace and when:


   Mascara: Mascara should be replaced 3 months from the date you open in. Marking your tubes with permanent marker is a great way to keep track of the date you need to get rid of it by. After 3 months, bacteria can grow in the mascara and cause infection. If you have had an eye infection, toss your mascara to protect your peepers from further exposure to the offending bacteria.

Foundation/ Concealer: Depending on the type of foundation that you use, you should toss your unused foundation about once a year. Just like mascara, bacteria can creep into your foundation and cause problems for your skin. Using sterile metal spatulas to remove the product from the container (or liquid foundations with pump applicators) will cut down on the contamination.

Eyeliner: Pencil liners definitely outlast gel and liquid liners, needing to be replaced every two years as opposed to every 3 months. To keep your pencils clean and sterile, spray them with 99% alcohol every once in a while. Just make sure to let the alcohol evaporate from the pencil before applying it.

Lip products: Since bacteria love moisture, the less liquid in your lip product, the longer it is safe to keep. A liquid gloss is good for about 6 months, whereas a cream lipstick or lip pencil will keep for a year. Make sure to keep your lip products to yourself and don’t use them when you’re sick.

Powders: Unless the smell or the colour has changed, powders are safe for up to 2 years. If you have an older pressed powder that you’re resurrecting after a long period of not being used, give it a quick spritz of 99% alcohol just to be safe.


Of course, keeping your brushes clean is a big part of extending the shelf life of your products. We know that parting with your favourite products can be heartbreaking, but going into a new year with a fresh face is worth it!!


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