Product Reveiw: Our Favourite Foundations

Product Reveiw: Our Favourite Foundations

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These past few weeks have got us thinking about cosy blankets, warm drinks and fireplaces. Still, life goes on and instead of indulging our day-dreams of hibernation we have been keeping busy with Yumi Lash Lifts, Wedding Trials and Valentines Day! Getting out from under the covers and facing the world is easier when you’re feeling fresh and gorgeous, and nothing makes us feel more fresh and gorgeous than a perfectly balanced foundation that feels light while still offering coverage. There are some excellent foundations that meet all of our needs, and then there are others. We picked 3 of our favourites to review.





Face Atelier Ultra Foundation

  I have to admit when I first looked at the price of a 1oz bottle of Face Atelier Ultra Foundation I was a little sceptical. I’m happy to pay a pretty penny for my foundation but am used to getting a little more product for that price. Once I tried the foundation I was hooked because that little bottle packs quite the punch! All I needed was 2 little pumps of product to cover my whole face, it blended flawlessly and the colour match was superb. I snapped up a bottle right away, fully secure that even though I was buying less product than I usually do, the foundation would easily last as long as a foundation with twice the volume. If you’re not sure which shade would be right for you, come into our studio for a personal shopping consultation!





Oxygenetix Oxygenating Foundation

This foundation was developed with breathability in mind and it shows. This foundation offers a barely-there feel with excellent coverage. It’s pro-collagen ingredients support healing, making it perfect for acne prone skin, post-procedure skin, and really any skin that is in need of a little love. As far as colour is concerned, I usually match the 2nd from lightest shade in most makeup lines so I was pretty surprised that their lightest shade (pearl) is still to dark for my lily white skin, and even though it was from their blue-based colour line it was still a little too warm. There are companies that sell small samples of the product online so can find the perfect match before you buy (as long as you’re not as white as a ghost like I am). I’m hoping that by the summer I will have enough melanin in my skin to use this foundation. Since it is so light and breezy, it perfect for sticky summer days when you still want coverage but don’t want to feel like you’re wearing makeup!






Makeup Forever HD Foundation

I have waxed poetic about this foundation before. When I was working in film and Red Camera’s were making makeup artists everywhere scramble for a foundation that would hold up under the microscope of the camera’s 4k resolution, I was resting easy with my kit full of this foundation. For day to day wear, it holds up wonderfully and delivers enough coverage that I can wear it under my eyes in place of concealer with confidence on days that I am feeling particularly lazy. The colour is great and the range of shades has always made it easy for me to find the right shade when using it on others.





Is your favourite brand missing from our list? We would love to hear what you love about your foundation!

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