PRODUCT REVIEW: Infinity Sun, Glow On The Go

PRODUCT REVIEW: Infinity Sun, Glow On The Go

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Get ready for your special occasion with all natural, anti-aging sunless tanning aerosol, Infinity Sun Glow On The Go. Available in gold and bronze, this product is great for almost every skin colour. Personally, I am fair skinned and usually find self tanners leave me streaky and rub off patchy after only a few days. Frankly, it looks awful and can be terribly embarrassing when people point out your terrible tan. Glow On The Go is the first self tanner that doesn’t do either of these nasty things to me. Which is amazing! And it doesn’t turn me tango orange! For those reasons, I love this product.


The only thing I am wary of, is that when I sprayed this product on my face, the next day when I put my makeup on, my face began to get incredibly itchy to the point that I was almost in tears. Now, I don’t jump to conclusions as there are many variables with this situation. I had my first microdermabrasion session only a few days before spraying this product onto my face, so perhaps my skin was unusually sensitive. Or it could of been my kabuki makeup brush which I shamefully hadn’t cleaned in…way to long, which could of caused the irritation. Since then I washed my brush, havn’t had microdermabrasion since, and havn’t used Infinity Sun on my face since, so I dont know what the problem was as of yet. Who knows! One of three options I guess.

Infinity Sun contains only the most natural ingredients, without harmful propellants or alcohol, Infinity Sun Glow on the go is propelled by air, so it is as safe for the skin as it is for the environment. Enriched with essential oils, antioxidants and botanicals, your skin will be left soft, supple and radiant and lasts up to 7 days. I recommend trying it out =]

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair