Product Review – Katy Perry Lashes by Eylure

Product Review – Katy Perry Lashes by Eylure

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I have been using the same brand of lashes that Kim Kardashian uses for quite some time now. I order them from Madam Madeline. The brand is called, Red Cherry.  I was thrilled to receive an email from a new competitor lash company, Eylure, offering to send me samples of Katy Perry‘s new false lash collection, to be reviewed, and featured on my blog.


The lashes come in a really cute box, with Katy Perry’s  pop art, comic book style decoration. The packaging inside is very organized. The lashes come with full  instructions, and eye lash glue. For a personal consumer, this product would be perfect! It carries everything that you need for a successful false lash application.


The lashes are certainly of a good quality. I absolutely hate those cheap lashes, with that thick, non-bendable rim/edge, that are near impossible for your average person to apply well. Oh, and that are terribly uncomfortable to wear, as the thick rim pokes you in the eye ball. No fun!


The Katy Perry lashes have a very thin rim/edge, meaning you can bend them, and manipulate them, in which ever way necessary, but they are not so thin that they break when you try and take them out of the box. That is also another of my pet peeves. Or perhaps it is that they are not glued to the box so much that they are near impossible to peel off without ripping. Who knows! What ever it is, it is good.


The lash set I used on singer, song writer, Gina Williams, was one of the more natural styles available in the Katy Perry lash collection. I think they are perfect for day wear, natural evening wear, or for bridal. They were very easy to apply, and looked very beautiful on Gina’s eyes. They were just enough to enhance her natural lashes. Having said that, I look forward to testing out some of the more dramatic styles, to see how they look and feel. I might try them on myself during this Christmas season.


Thank you to Gina Williams for allowing me to snap these shots during our latest makeup session, and thank you to Eylure for sending me these wonderful lashes to review. They are certainly competing with my Kim Kardashian ones =]

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair