Product Review: Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish

Product Review: Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish

I love nail polish so I was absolutely thrilled when we received our first package from Trust Fund Beauty! They are a vegan and cruelty free cosmetics company founded by Samara Granofsky, who started the brand in memory of her mother. Samara’s goal was to inject some of their shared sense of humor and style into a market that they felt needed more variety and levity, as well as to create ethical beauty products.

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To really put this polish to the test I applied it onto my bare nail, no top coat, no base, just pure nail ( they do carry both top and base coats though, because duh!). I tried all three colors (pictured below): Started With Good Intentions (1st nail), Adult Content (2nd nail), and Naughty By Design (3rd nail). Started With Good Intentions is a great nearly nude nail color. If you’re going for a natural look just one coat of this color will bring your nail up from dull to delish. You can easily add layers to increase the opacity. It is also an excellent base for a french manicure. Adult Content is shimmery and bright. It takes 2-3 coats for full coverage, and girl, it is worth it! Naughty By Design is flirty and fun. This bright color is a perfect summer shade!


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I was very impressed when after 3 days my nails still looked great and had yet to chip! The colors I tried were all shades of pink, but Trust Fund has tons of incredible colors.  We really recommend you check out Elegantly Wasted, Bye Felicia, Well Played and Just Talk To My Lawyer but those are just a few. It is taking the full extent of my willpower not to spend my next paycheck on the full line. They also have amazing lip colors and polish remover, as well as fun sets of their nail polish if you’re having trouble narrowing down your top picks!!


Get your shop on at and get spoiled monthly with a subscription to receive their products every month!!

Christa Lalonde
Blogger and Coordinator for Faye Smith Hair and Makeup

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