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Q & A (1)

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It is quite often that I will get random emails from people. Some who I know. Some who I don’t. Often on networking sites such as facebook. People asking for advise. Tips. I am always more than happy to respond in as much detail as I can do. I figured why not start writing about this and share the advise and tips with the world instead of just one person.

Q. Laura Iveson 28 June at 09:20
Hi Faye,
Hows life in canada? Coming back to the UK anytime soon? A night out must be had when you do.
Anyways just wanted to pick your brain, I bought some eye lash falsies and they just refuse to stick!
I followed the instructions which says to put them on AFTER makeup, didn’t stick. So I tried before makeup. Didn’t stick.
Am I doing something wrong?
Cheers 🙂 xxx
A. Faye Michele Smith 28 June at 09:53
Hey Laura,
Life in Canada is good. Still waiting for the sun. But work is good!
Use DUO Eye Lash Glue – Usually the lash glue that comes with the lashes you buy in the store is…”no good”. DUO is the eye lash adhesive that most industry artists use and one tube will last you forever! Well…maybe not “forever” but I have certainly had mine an amazingly long time. I have never bought it in the UK but you should be able to get it from a store that sells makeup but if not have mooch online to see where you can get it. Hold the lashes in place and keep pushing them in place while the glue dries. It is dry when it isn’t white anymore.
When I was a youngster and did the whole crazy makeup and larger than life lashes thing, I liked using the one use lashes that are self sticking. You just peel them off and stick them on. No glue involved!
Hope that helps!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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