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Q & A (2)

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Rachael ヅ Gibbons 28 June at 12:57 Report
Im currently doing beauty in college and wanted to know what qaulifications you need other than beauty to do fashion and photography make-up?

Faye Smith 28 June at 13:34
Hey Rachael,
You are best off to ask the school you are applying to.
For myself, I didnt need any specific qualifications. I have always achieved my highest grades in art based subjects such as art & design, food technology and textiles which certainly gave me an advantage. I also did a part-time makeup course before going to makeup university which again gave me a step up. But as far as I am aware, you can get into makeup school with no specific qualifications and start fresh.
I hope this helps you and best of luck with your course!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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