A Salsa Dancer in Vancouver

A Salsa Dancer in Vancouver

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Every lady loves a man who can dance…


Let me introduce you all to Alfonso Caldera, a pro salsa dancer and choreographer as well as director of Bravo Dance Company in Vancouver.

Faye got together with Kevin Hall Photography to style and shoot some photographs for this lovely man!


“Growing up in Nicaragua I remember listening to the Latin orchestras that would play at parties near my home.

The rhythm of the congas captivated me and I began to develop a deep interest in Salsa music at a young age.

My father noticed my growing interest in this exciting style of music and gave me my first record by Sonora Matancera.

That record introduced me to what would later become my passion and in my opinion, Salsa is the main ingredient to feeling good.

It has given me confidence and strength; it got me in shape and has helped me to stay healthy and thats why I want to share my passion and experience with all my Salsa dancing students in Vancouver.

During my Salsa dancing classes in Vancouver you can expect to have fun and it’s very important to me that everyone has fun because thats what Salsa dancing is all about.

All of my combinations are broken down in a step-by-step fashion so you can learn them with ease.

If you are more experienced then I will help you to improve your technique and form through more challenging and complex combinations that will turn you into a truly skilled Salsa dancer.

By learning Salsa dancing in Vancouver with me you’ll receive all the necessary tools to become the Salsa dancer of your dreams!

Once you have mastered the basics, you will then be ready to learn a variety of combinations and will understand how to execute them with precision.” – Alfonso

Most importantly, it’s not just about copying dance steps during your Salsa dancing classes in Vancouver, I will teach you to move like a true Salsa dancer.”


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