Sandra Steier Photography – Shoot Number 3

Sandra Steier Photography – Shoot Number 3

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Sandra Steier Photography

Faye Smith_SandraSteier

If you read my blogs, you will know how I met photographer, Sandra Steier, and that we have already worked together on two occassion previous to the shoot I am about to blog about. Luckily for me, this shoot was at Sandra’s downtown location which so happens to be located only a few blocks away from my home. Not to say lugging my kit up and across that hill doesnt work up some heat still!

The booking was for hair and makeup for a woman’s head shots she needed to begin her business. Head shots are typically clean and simple. I kept the makeup natural but added a little extra for the camera to pick up on. I love the way her bright blue eyes pop even with just a little pale brown shadow under the eye. I over drew her top lip ever so slightly which took some getting used to for her but as you can see in the images, that little extra shape makes a huge difference and looks completely natural!

The hair styling was a little more of a task for me. The key to a successful styling is not only skill but communication with your client. She has a natural curl to her hair that gives a lot of frizz that she did not want to see and felt insecure about. I was guided by her to give the hair a little bit of a straighten and smooth using a blow dryer but this caused us to lose the curl she loved. We wet it and start again, this time simply scrunch drying it to put the curls back in. I went in around the front using a small barrel curling iron to smooth and define some of those curls around her face. Although she was still a little uncertain, I convinced her to let us take some shots so she could see what the camera sees. As I thought she would, she loved it! She was smiling and continueing the shoot in no time. I love a challenge! I love more to succeed from the challenge, which we certainly did on this shoot!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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