Sandra Steier Photography

Sandra Steier Photography

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Sandra Steier Photography


I was browsing the facebook profile of Blanche Macdonald’s careers coordinator, Heather Sosa, when I noticed a posting from a photographer named, Sandra Steier. She was in search of a makeup artist to work with so I emailed her my portfolio and cover letter. Quite some time after, I heard from her asking me to work with her as the makeup and hair artist for a photoshoot she had booked with a newlywed couple for their prenatal photo shoot.
I was delighted to have been asked and hadn’t actually done a prenatal photo shoot before I was very excited about the experience. The shoot was very calm and relaxed, keeping the make simple, natural, beautiful and glowing.

I love the outcome of the shoot and am particularly in love with the shot to the right. I love the way Sandra made our mother-to-be look so modern and relaxed. It almost reminds me of a GAP advert or some sort of catalogue shoot.

It was only the following week when I was contacted by Sandra for a second time to ask me to join her on a shoot for a female business woman’s corportate headshots. Sandra is such a lovely coworker and friend and I was more than happy to join her on a second shoot.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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