Save The Children PSA

Save The Children PSA

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Key Makeup & Hair Artist for Save The Children PSA

One of my daily internet checks includes a browse through the makeup job and gig postings on craigslist. Granted most of the time you sent out emails responding to the adverts on there and noone ever responds back. However, on this occassion I got a response giving me the option to be the key makeup and hair artist or…the assistant… Key please! I will never turn that down! I love the head artist role.

I was first in contact with a guy named Ben who right off the bat, asked if I could meet him for a coffee and a chat. That is always a sure sign of a serious project.
I met with Ben a few days after exchanging emails and oddly enough he knew my partner and his friends. Small world! At this point I jokingly asked if they had chosen me through favouritism of knowing me… They promised me a group of them had actually got together and reviewed the artist applications and portfolios, picking mine as the best! “Before”  knowing who I was. It is good to know I am chosen for my talent!

During our meeting we spoke over ideas for the PSA and how we could make the most out of the makeup. The director and producer had seen some of my most creative portfolio work and knew how far and bizarre my skill range is. So why not use those skills and create some crazy makeup?!

They were going to have a big, dramatic, theatrical set located in a theatre. Tree people was my original briefing. Creating bark texture on the face of the children in the play. I was to have an assistant for this as there would be a number of characters. The main character who would be a princess, followed by six to eight “tree people”.
In film and TV there are always huge time constraints in makeup so at this point I thought I would be calling in two assistants to work under my guidance.

The next time I spoke with anyone regarding the makeup, I was put in touch with the director, Kevan Funk. The idea had been changed and I would now be doing abstract face painting on eight children. The designs would coordinate with the set. This set can be seen in the second and fourth image of this blog. The brief was to make it soft and floaty but not any specific, cheesy under water creature characters. A brief like this calls for initiative combined with creative minds. It was time to get in contact with my assistant.

Faye Smith_FacePainting
An assistant had already been chosen for me but when I had found her contact information and got in touch with her, turns out she wasn’t even available until 6pm…well…we start shooting at 9am so that doesn’t work! But that worked out well for me. I got the chance to choose my own assistant. Who do I call? Christa Monroe!

Christa is a fantastic makeup artist who focuses on TV & Film in her career. I had her work with me when I was the key makeup and hair artist for the shooting of Sweet Mystery Musical and also the live performance. This was actually where I met her and became good friends with her. She has also had me work for her when she was the key makeup and hair artist for a comedy named, Mayan Calender. Both productions previously blogged about! Check out the links!

The shoot day ran amazingly smooth and it was fantastic to work alongside Christa again. We had so much fun painting the children’s faces. They all loved their makeup and were convinced they looked like Avatar…

I look forward to seeing the video footage of our Save The Children PSA.

Photography by Sudden Front Photography

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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