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SCEWED Magazine

Way back in January 2010 when I had first returned to Vancouver, I was contacted by a new, vancouver based photographer, named Heather Pennell, regarding an upcoming photo shoot she had lined up with a full crew. She had already confirmed a makeup artist for the shoot but needed a hair stylist. It is not often I get asked to soley style hair as makeup artistry was always my main focus. I was actually really excited at the thought of being able to concentrate on one thing rather than stress over both. Often I am asked to do both hair and makeup for photo shoots, usually for photographers and other employees to cut their costs by hiring one person rather than two. Doing both is not a problem when there are only one or two models but if there are any more, it become a rush and rushing things never gives the best results in my opinion.

The shoot was a volunteer gig and was originally going to be going into print as a spread in LOVE Magazine. Unfortunately when arriving on set the day of the shoot, we were informed that the magazine would not be going to print but would hopefully be published in an online magazine instead. We would all get portfolio pictures and hopefully our names promoted on the internet. Not nearly as exciting as getting tear sheets from a printed magazine but we had a full crew, all organised and ready to shoot that day so we were determined to create something amazing to make it worth our time. If we couldnt get our images in this magazine, there was no reason why we couldnt submit it to others.


The shoot ran smoothly and I adore the styling by Tasha Defazio. It really suited the time of year, Valentines day was coming up! The makeup by Melanie Tremblay was simply stunning. I watched and learned from her as she worked through her application using a tea spoon to curl lashes with no kink and and a fan brush to apply mascara closer to the lash line. The design, bronzed and shimmered, simple yet striking.

For our female model, Brittany Whitmore’s hair and pinned it to the side. The first look included a hat which always seems to happen to me, right after my applications the stylist goes in and covers it up. It humours me and I dont take it offensively. It’s just the way the industry goes sometimes. You apply the makeup, the stylist put shades on. You style the hair, the stylist puts a hat on. Luckily, on this occasion, the hair was easy to smooth over and neaten up once the hat shots were complete.

For our male model, Brent Clancy, I began by parting his hair down the centre and slicking it down. As much as I wish this styled worked with his hair, it didn’t. His hair had body and volumne so without washing and drying it into position, it just bounced back. I decided to change his hair style by just slicking it back a little and messing it up for each shot.

Sadly, we never made it into LOVE Magazine but I was delighted to have been informed by our photographer, Heather Pennell, that our shoot had finally made it to an online magazine entitled SCEWED Magazine. We are in edition 10. Click the hyperlink and check out the full edition.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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