SmartMune Your Life

SmartMune Your Life

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I regularly receive emails asking if I can write about products on my blog. I always say, “I can’t write about a product unless I know about it first hand, and can vouch for it”. More often then not, I am then offered the product for review. SmartMune was one of the first companies to get their product to my door.

So the first thing you will want to know from me is, What Is SmartMune?
SmartMune is like a daily vitamin for your immune system. It’s an all natural supplement with an active ingredient clinically proven to safely strengthen your body’s key immune responses year-round. The purpose of taking these supplements is to strengthen the function of key immune cells, maintain energy, vitality, and mental clarity, and activate key immune cells to protect against the harmful effects of stress.

I only review products that I find relevant to my clientèle, which is generally beauty related. The reason why I wanted to review SmartMune, is to talk about the benefits of being healthy from the inside out, both physically, and mentally. I personally experienced a very stressful summer this year due to an overload of work. I pretty much booked myself solidly for over six months, sometimes with works days beginning at 1am, and ending at 9pm. What can I say? In the freelance industry, you never want to turn a job down!

When I received information on SmartMune, I thought it might be able to help me get through my stress.I took SmartMune for one month, “intelligent immune system supplements”, and “stress relief”. Although I cannot say that I felt a huge difference, it is really hard to tell from only taking them for a month. All-in-all, the way I needed to solve my issues was mostly by working less and getting more sleep. No matter how you find your balance in life, balance is what’s most important.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair