A Very Special Wedding in Mexico

A Very Special Wedding in Mexico

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Mika, of Mika Does Makeup is a great friend of mine, and almost like a family member, and when she asked me to be a bridesmaid for her wedding in Playa Del Carmen, I was thrilled!


I was even more ecstatic when she asked me to style her hair for her pre-wedding, and destination wedding photo shoot in Mexico.


We did three sessions of trials because we’re friends – and it’s always a good excuse to hang out and drink wine.


IMG_20140515_175500 FayeSmith_MikaDoesMakeup

This girl wants what she wants, and no matter how much I tried to tell her she should wear an updo because of the heat, she insisted on wearing her hair down.



Of course, as soon as we get there and attempt to curl our hair for a night out, the curls fall out in about one minute. After battling the humidity, she finally agreed to a simple, messy updo (and oh my goodness, she looked stunning!)


FayeSmith_JayMcinnes FayeSmith_HairVancouver

 The amazing photography was shot by Jennifer Piccard Photography, and as mentioned, Faye Smith Makeup & Hair styled Mika’s hair. Being in the wedding industry herself, Mika styled her own makeup for the day.

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Of course, we wish Mika and her hubby Jay, (and their ridiculously cute daughter Aria) nothing but the best!


Check out Mika’s hubby, Jay’s realty business here!

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