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Studio No.9 Photography

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Studio No.9 Photography


As I was doing my daily internet check, I noticed on Heather Sosa’s facebook page, a posting from a man named Keith. He was in search of a makeup and hair artist to join him on a period style photo shoot at his downtown studio, studio no.9. Although the pay was low and he was looking more for a student to join him, I had the day available and thought it might be nice to get some period style pieces into my portfolio. I was in contact with him and we had planned the shoot in no time. I was set to do hair and makeup on three people, a woman and two children.


I arrived with plenty of time to set up and got chatting to my new co-worker prior to the arrival of our first client. It turns out that we are both from England and had much in common to talk about.

Our first clients were a mother and daughter. The mother was to take part in the boudoir shoot that her husband had bought her for valentines day and her daughter had come along to join in the fun! Hair and makeup for both. We decided to go for a classic Marilyn Monroe look for our mother and a similar, more subtle version for our beautiful daughter to acompany her. Hot rollers for everyone! A true old fashioned morning. It wasnt long before we were shooting and it turned out that it was actually Keith’s wife who would be the photographer.


Our mother and daughter looked amazing together, especially with her daughter being so naturally photogenic. A true beauty.

Our second shoot was more of an experient using their daughter as a model. Hot rollers again and a beautiful classic, Mary Antoinette makeup design. The image displayed at the beginning of this posting. The day wasnt long and I was surprised to have all 3 models ready in only 3 hours. Hot rollers and all!

I see good potential in Studio.9 and urge them to grow their business. I would be more than happy to join them!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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