Sunburn Art…

Sunburn Art…

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“Sunburn Art” yes – you read that correctly..
Firstly – please don’t be one of the people who do this.. there is makeup for a reason and there are a million ways to get artwork on your body, harming your skin and increasing the risk of skin cancer is probably not the best idea.

Yes, you read that correctly, it has recently been over social media, and this ridiculous new fad is called “Sunburn Art.”

What is it? People placing suncreen on certain areas of their body and in certain shapes to achieve “art” and also potentially horrible sunburns.

(No Batman, NO!)

If you are looking to achieve the “sunburn art” effect, please contact us, and we promise we will give you the exact look but your body/skin will not be harmed in anyway!


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Blog By: Shayla Rose

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