Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics

Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics

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Ladies (and gents) if you are looking to try a new, amazing makeup line, Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics is the one to try!
Today was a huge day, it was the Miss BC Pageant! 

Our beauty blogger (me! – Shayla) has been the key makeup and hair artist for this pageant for over six years, and this year, (and very last minute) we were fortunate enough to obtain a makeup sponsor for the pageant!


How amazing is it to have a makeup line out there that is vegan, paraben free, gluten free, cruelty free AND fragrance free… in our opinion that is truly amazing!

To be completely honest, I was a little weary of trying out this brand during a pageant because of past experiences with mineral makeup, but this brand is AMAZING.

It applies flawlessly, looks amazing, feels like you have absolutely no makeup on, and is sweat proof and water proof – which is pretty perfect for this ridiculously hot weather we’ve been having lately, and every product from the brand retails for $25 and under!

A little about the brand…

“Working from a spare bedroom in her home, LeiLani volunteered with the Cancer Society to cut and style wigs and educate with makeup how to cover and camouflage skin discoloration due to the side effects from undergoing cancer treatments.   The makeup LeiLani used for Film and TV was to harsh for post operative skin, so LeiLani searched for gentle makeup infused with natural ingredients that would work on sensitive, postoperative skin but she could not find products to meet her needs.

This provided the inspiration for LeiLani to develop the revolutionary Sweet LeiLani Skin Care Cover Foundation.   A product that masks and conceals post-operative bruising and scarring with ease and acts as a second skin that even men would wear daily. For LeiLani, the motivating factor was to boost the self-esteem and confidence of those under going treatment to look and feel better.

Equipped with her special skills in Cosmetic Design and utilizing the niche Skin Care Cover Foundation, LeiLani established “Face The Future” a program that works closely with the Vancouver Burn/Trauma Unit.   Free of charge LeiLani teaches patients how to camouflage post surgical skin conditions, scarring, and burns and wig styling.  LeiLani’s education continued with “Face The Future” and she became one of the few in Canada to become certified to perform life- changing transformations such as Scar-Relaxation, Skin and Facial Needling, Permanent Makeup Re-Pigmentation, Corrective Hair Simulation and Areola Re-Pigmentation. Referrals came from Plastic Surgeons, and Dermatologists across the Province.” – Sweet LeiLani Website

Some of our favorite products from the line are below..

purelytinted-web1 CameraReady

Purely Tinted Moisturizer
Camera Ready Powder

If you need new mineral makeup, or like we mentioned, just want to try a new brand – this is the one!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

Blog By: Shayla Rose

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