Sweet Leilani Foundation Makeup Tutorial

Sweet Leilani Foundation Makeup Tutorial

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Sweet Leilani Foundation Makeup Tutorial


I was riding the BC Ferry on the way back from a weekend away in Sechelt when I first came across Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics. My eye was drawn by the natural, paper packaging. There was a little information postcard available for me to read. I noticed that the cosmetics were made in Langley, BC. A local product! I love it! I just had to send an email to find out more about the line! I discovered many interesting facts about the wonderful, beneficial ingredients in each product as well as the charities connected to the line. Of course, I wanted to test out the products on myself. I felt the need to make a little blog tutorial for viewers to learn how to apply a great foundation/base using Sweet Leilani products.


Step 1: Concealer
I wanted to show the packaging in my tutorial to show how environmentally friendly this cosmetic line is. The packaging is made from 100% recyclable paper product.


The concealer comes in a little tin, in a baked, cream form. The consistently is quite a thick cream which allows for great coverage! Normally a product of this consistency would crease but this concealer really doesn’t!  I like to use my fingers to apply under my eye, around my nose, and in any other areas where there is redness or blemishes such as between the brows and over the chin. Remember to blend the edges!


Step 2: Powder
Next I apply a mineral powder using a Kabuki brush as my applicator. This powder fills in all of the pores, evens out texture, adds a little extra coverage and takes away shine resulting in a beautiful, even skin tone. Camera ready finish!

If you brush your fingers over your face, you will feel the silky soft finish. I love the combination of this powder and concealer as it produces a flawless yet natural finish to your foundation.


Step 3: Blush
I use a contour blush brush to apply the Sweet LeiLani Mineral Blush. You will notice my brush is a little travel brush, great for keeping in your purse for touch ups throughout the day!


This blush has a slight shimmer which gives a beautiful glow to the cheek. I apply it on the apples of my cheek and blend up and out into my cheekbones. This blush blends so easily and the colour is build-able meaning you can achieve a natural look for day wear and dramatic look for the evening. All in one blush!

Here is my finished look! Notice the difference in my skin?! No more blemishes. No more redness. No more dark circles! I love this cosmetic line. It mayyyyy have become my new favourite =S!!! =P Try out your local cosmetic brand ladies!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

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