The Best Lash Extensions in Vancouver

The Best Lash Extensions in Vancouver

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If your looking for the best eyelash extensions.. we have the place for you.
I have had some baaaaaad eyelash experiences (not going to name where..) but when Faye mentioned she get’s her lashes done at Joanna Keller’s Beautique located in downtown Vancouver.. I knew I had to try it out.

First off, their studio is the coolest space ever. Located right off Hastings Street downtown, it’s the perfect location for a studio. Leah was the one to fill my lashes and holy crap (excuse the language but I’m excited…) she did an amazing job!

Beautique is one of the top locations for eyelash extensions in Vancouver BC. We’ve been applying eyelash extensions since 2009 and have hundreds of happy clients. The lashes we offer are individually applied synthetic mink eyelash extensions; not to be confused with strip-lashes or flairs. One-by-one, these false lashes are glued to the base of your existing natural lashes until the desired effect is achieved. The number of lashes applied depends on each client’s fullness and thickness of their natural lashes.  Generally 50 to 100 lashes per eye are applied. Beautique is regarded as one of the fastest, most affordable, and best eyelash extension services in Vancouver” – Joanna Keller Beautique Website


My lashes look amazing. I went to work this morning and the girls asked if I was wearing false lashes.. Nope! I had the amazing ladies at the Beautique work wonders on these non existent eyelashes.

They offer the following…

Unlike most of the other lash extension businesses in Vancouver, Beautique’s prices aren’t based on the number of individual lashes applied.  Prices are as follows:

 Full set of eyelash extensions: $89.00 (+GST)
Half set of eyelash extensions: $60.00 (+GST)
Eyelash extension fill: $60.00+ (+GST)
Russian volume full set: $175.00 (+GST)
Russian volume fill: $85.00+ (+GST)
Full set of bottom lashes: $60.00 (+GST)

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