The Brit Team and Talent Co

The Brit Team and Talent Co

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I finally got these amazing shots back from a Talent Co test shoot session that myself and the rest of “The Brit Team” worked on a couple of years back.


The Brit Team consisted of myself as the hair and makeup artist, Yvadney Davis as our stylist and Darryl Humphrey as our photographer. It was so fun to hear so many ranges of the British accent in one day in Vancouver


We had 4 models testing and wow, we managed to get through a hell of a lot of looks! It wouldn’t be a photo shoot if it wasn’t completely over ambitious ;-P


I am so in love with Yvadney’s styling and so sad that she moved back to London! Although I am sure London is doing her well =] London is certainly more of a place for fashion than Vancouver. She is sadly missed though.


I love the wide variety of images that Darryl produced. There is a little bit of everything in here; beauty, mystical, high fashion, sexy, artistic… Each of the girls were very different so it was interesting to work through each of the looks in one days shooting.


I look forward to working with The Brit Team and Talent Co again in the future. We will have to be in search of another British stylist located in Vancouver else we won’t be able to call ourselves The Brit Team anymore. Yikes!