The Corpse Ballerina Project

The Corpse Ballerina Project

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Halloween is a time for all things gory. I was pleased to hear from Raymond Razer, requesting my services for a corpse ballerina themed photo shoot, that would take place in a theatre. That sounded like fun to me!


The model/dancer on board for this photo shoot was Kaitlin Chapple, whom I have worked on many occasions since my career as a makeup and hair artist began. Kaitlin is not only a beautiful model, but also an exceptionally talented dancer. This combination of talent resulted in these amazing photographs that truly capture the freedom of dance.


We were lucky enough to have Stephanie Burlton with us, shooting behind the scenes shots that were later composed into this awesome video. Click the video link to view.


As a makeup artist, my task was to make Kaitlin look like a rotting corpse….but still look beautiful. Contradicting requests, right?


To get the ball rolling in the beginning of the shoot, Kaitlin styled herself as a rag doll. I tied a baby blue ribbon in her hair to complete the styling for this look.


Once Kaitlin was warmed up in the freezing cold theatre we were working in, we were able to strip her down and paint her body. I had to make her arms, back and chest as pale as I had made her face. I added a hint of a grey tone into a pearl foundation, to enhance the “dead” look.


These images were later showcased as photographic pieces of art. I really love these images and am very impressed with how they turned out.


Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair