To Look & Feel Beautiful On Your Wedding Day…

To Look & Feel Beautiful On Your Wedding Day…

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I have to begin this blog post by thanking Mink Makeup & Hair, for connecting myself and the beautiful bride you to see in these images. Me and Nilofaur were the best bride and artist match there is.


During our trial, we tested out a down style, as well as an up style. After seeing both styles executed, we loved them both so much, in very different ways, and the temptation to do a look change over powered us. We decided to go for beautiful, long, voluptuous curls for the day time, and a stunning, elegant, updo for the evening.


At our trial, I did the most amazing, rose and black coloured smoky eye on Nilofaur. It was so beautiful and dramatic. Her eyes really stole the show with this look. Being as we were doing two looks for the hair, we decided to do the same for the makeup. This rose, smoky eye was used for the evening look, and for the day, we went for a lighter, champagne colour, paired with a nice, clean winged eye liner.


We really had so much fun exchanging ideas, and trying things out. Between the two of us, we were insanely organized, and overly excited. It was a great connection!


I was so pleased to hear that my makeup held up so well that Nilofaur wore it to the swimming pool the next day ;-P makeup of steal! Indestructible. I love it!


It was so wonderful to get to spend this special time with Nilofaur, and I hope to keep in touch with her in the future. We may do some cosmetics personal shopping at some point!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair