Todd Duncan Photography for Justin Robinson’s Actor Headshots

Todd Duncan Photography for Justin Robinson’s Actor Headshots

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Todd Duncan Photography for Justin Robinson’s Actor Headshots

Todd Duncan Photography
Justin Robinson

I have had my eye on Todd Duncan for a little while and we had been in contact via email here and there for some time. Although we were in contact, I had never gotten the chance to work with him. It just so happened that I got an email from one of Blanche Macdonald’s careers advisor, Jennifer Daerendinger, asking me if I was available to fill in for a hair stylist who had cancelled on their photographer last minute. Luckily I was available and as soon as I noticed the photographers name, I was delighted to have been chosen for the position. I was immediately in touch with Todd and he then put me in touch with our client. I had so much fun talking with her on the phone and knew we would have a blast on the shoot.

Unfortunately hours before the shoot was scheduled, I had a call from our client informing me that her parents had been in a car crash in the states and she wouldn’t be able to make the shoot. In this type of situation, you can’t do anything but be understanding and hope everyone is safe. It was unfortunate and dissapointing that I wouldn’t get to work with Todd that day.
Todd had promised me we would work together soon and certainly kept to his word. He asked if I could come along and do some basic hair and makeup for a male Actor’s headshots. This actor was named, Justin Robinson.

The hair and makeup requirements for Justin were simple. A basic corrective makeup to cover blemishes, even out skin tone and eliminate shine, combined with a roughed up, wet look, spikey hair style. Very casual and clean.
When Todd began shooting he took an extremely laid back approach to coaching Justin into appropriate poses and facial expressions. This really helped loosen any nerves and tension that being in front of a camera may cause. This, I have learned, is a very important trait that a photographer should have. The ability to work their models. Whether they are professional, amateur or simply an every day person wanting a one-off photo shoot. This is certainly a quality that Todd has and works to his benefit thus producing fantastic photographs!
It was a pleasure to be on the shoot and I hope to work with Todd again in the near future, and wish success to Justin in the journey he will experience in following his dream to become an actor.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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