Todd Duncan Photography

Todd Duncan Photography

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Todd Duncan Photography


If you are a blog reader of mine, you will know that I have worked with Todd Duncan before. Todd is a fantastic photographer based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. It is always fantastic to receive a call from him requesting my makeup and hair services for his clients.


I love the way that Todd personalises the headshots for each client. No simple white background for everybody business. He gets a feel for his clients personality and portrays who they are in the photographs he takes.


Aloma, seen in the first and third picture in this blog, is a gorgeous girl but she was wanting to be cast for action roles. The shots of Aloma in her leather jacket are edgey and aim to attract that type of role. Very Angelina Jolie!

The shots of Sachi, seen in the second picture in this blog, are aimed more for the “girl next door” type of role. With an innocent, quiet and calm personality, Sachi will suit that type of role well. With these headshots, she will be cast for those chick flicks easily!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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