A Turquoise and Silver Look..

A Turquoise and Silver Look..

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Wedding season makeup doesn’t need to be all neutral colors, why not have fun with your makeup!?


Now, let’s be honest – wearing colored eyeshadows can be somewhat dangerous for wedding season..BUT – if you have a professional makeup artist applying the product, they know what they are doing and what color’s will compliment you the best.

This lovely bride to be, Karishma is from Toronto and asked Faye Smith Makeup & Hair to style her hair and makeup for her engagement party in Vancouver earlier this year.  Faye and Karishma decided on a turquoise and silver look to compliment her beautiful brown eyes and added a pink lip to pull the look together. She then used hair extensions (always a favourite of ours) to add volume and length to this specific hairstyle. After Faye curled her hair into loose curls, she pulled it off to the side and out of her face.

If you think this look is stunning, you should see her for her engagement party round two!

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