TV & Film Makeup for Actor, Andy Thompson

TV & Film Makeup for Actor, Andy Thompson

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TV & Film Makeup for Actor, Andy Thompson

Andy Thompson: ” I asked Faye Smith to do me up for an audition I had for the TV show “Sanctuary”. I had done makeup “choices” in the past for this same casting director and booked those parts, so I felt I could take similar liberties with this audition, provided that the choices were something I could back up with performance. The part I was auditioning for was a werewolf who was being kept human with some sort of meds and “treatment”. The character description suggested that he was a little bit fragile. I met up with Faye the morning of the audition and got my makeup treatment and was quite pleased with the results. She took my skin ton e down a couple of notches and “ghouled out” my eyes. It was pretty creepy! Needless to say, I looked totally unique in the room. The makeup also helped me connect to the character; I took the role to some scary and vulnerable places. The result was a cry-baby, freakish-looking werewolf-man. I don’t think I got the part, but from what I can tell, I nailed it, doing everything I wanted to do in the room and more. Therefore it was a success! And the makeup experiment with Faye was a total blast. I’ll certainly be doing it again!”

Actor Andy Thompson

.Andy Thompson
Artistic and Managing Director
The Virtual Stage

I first met Andy back in 2009 when myself and fellow makeup artist, Navjot Sidhu, volunteered to take on the position of makeup and hair artists for a production team participating in the 24 hour Film Race that Andy Thompson was writing and directing. The experience was one of my first tv and film experiences and what a challenging one it was! We met at 10pm where we had a 1hr long production meeting based around a few words that were given to us as “clues” for us to base our story on. By the end of the meeting we had an idea of what we were going to create. The writers began writing while the cast and crew rested. We began hair and makeup a few hours later and worked through the night.

I stayed alert until 7am when I felt myself beginning to crash. I made the bad decision to drink a red bull for some energy. This, I would not advise. It simply made me ill and shakey making a steady hand for makeup touch ups very difficult. Nevertheless we worked until 11am when we finally wrapped. I felt like I had been on a wild night of partying! Exhausted, feeling weak and disorientated, I headed home to take a nap. Though this was the end for me, it was not the end for Andy. Post production was about to begin with only a few hours left to have it complete.

Andy had the DVD to me in no time and we even made top 10 in the 24 hour film race competition. The makeup was tons of fun with retro 60’s makeup for the ladies, basic makeup for the men and even special fx burns to impress the judges. Wig applications for hair! What a great experience!

The full length video footage can be viewed on youtube

Well done to everyone involved and it was great to work with Andy again helping him bring this werewolf character to life. He always has fun makeups for me to do. It is not every day that I get asked to make someone looks grosse, ill and posessed.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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