Urban Monsieur Shows His Character…

Urban Monsieur Shows His Character…

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Myself and Brandon Hart, of Brandon Hart Photography, recently decided to work together on “character” photo shoots. The project is to contact big names in Vancouver and ask them to do a photo shoot with us.


Our first victim was Jorge Ramos of Urban Monsieur. I have known Jorge for about two years now and have loved watching him grow in his career. Since I met Jorge0 he has become a top model scout for Richards Models, and has recently moved on to modeling agency, Wilhelmina, where he will go on to model scout worldwide.


It was so much fun working with Jorge on this photo shoot and having the opportunity to explore his character. These photo shoots enable us to learn so much about a person. I learnt that Jorge is fun and fearless. He wasn’t afraid to jump around and scream.


You can see from these images how he was able to transform from his cute, loveable and feminine side, to his strong, powerful and masculine side. A person has many “sides” you know 😉


Keep you eyes peeled for the character we choose to reveal next.

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair