Using a “Z” Palette

Using a “Z” Palette

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Let’s all be real here for a second… how many of you have tons and tons of eyeshadows taking up a ridiculous amount of space? Well – here’s us introducing the oh-so-famous “Z” Palette.
The “Z” Palette allows you to take your de-potted eyeshadows and put them into one larger palette with no dividers, meaning you can fit a lot shadows/blushes etc into one specific palette. Another bonus – the top is clear, meaning you don’t have to go digging through everything to find that one perfect eyeshadow or blush.. (a makeup artist’s dream!)

Here’s a quick Youtube tutorial on how to depot your shadows, to put them into your Z Palette.
(There are so many video’s out there!)

Check out our “after de-potting” disaster!

Why have so many palettes for so many products – when you can use one!?

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Z Palette’s are starting to be available everywhere.. MAC, Sephora, Amazon, Beauty Suppliers.. everywhere!

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