Valentines Day Lashes

Valentines Day Lashes

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Valentines day can mean so many different things, but one of the big thing (for us ladies) is making sure we look fabulous and sexy for that special someone.
With that being said – we all know false lashes can add the final touch to any look, and add that extra sexiness and confidence.

Below are some of our favorite lashes, that would be perfect for any Valentines day look!

Red Cherry Lashes #100 ($3.50)
These lashes are perfect for adding that full lash look, and are made with 100% human hair.

Red Cherry Lashes #43 ($3.50)
These are the perfect lashes (and one of the best sellers) for a more natural lash look. It accentuates your eye by adding more length, and by making you lashes appear more full.


Velour Lashes “Winging” ($35.00)
These 100% mink hair lashes are to die for. These specific lashes will add that extra “winged” appearance to your lashes.


Velour Lashes “Girl, you Craazy!” ($35.00)
These lashes have a layer effect, giving your lashes extra volume, lift and thickness throughout the lash.


Those are some of our favorite lashes, but if your unsure of the look you want to go along with these lashes, contact us as soon as possible to book your Valentines day appointment!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair

Blog By: Shayla Rose

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