Vancouver Head Shots

Vancouver Head Shots

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Vancouver Head Shots

Vancouver Head Shots by Ian Redd Photography and FayeSmith Makeup & Hair Artistry

With over half a dozen years experience in professional photography, Ian knows exactly how to capture the perfect head shot. Myself, having been on the judging panel for Swarovski Hotel Advertisements, am aware of exactly what the client is looking for in their actors and actresses. I always tell my clients the story;
We had an actress do a fantastic audition! She was fabulous! So convincing and exactly what our client was looking for. We passed on our chosen auditonee information to the clients and they short listed them by their photographs. This fantastic actress was not on the short list. Why? Because her head shot didn’t look like her…

Keep your head shots simple and “real”!

Book your HEAD SHOTS with us now!!!

Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist


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