Vancouver Headshots

Vancouver Headshots

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As social media is becoming more and more a part of our daily lives, having a stand-out headshot is a must, even for your LinkedIn profile. A headshot is a way of portraying yourself to potential clients and show who you are. And for actors, it is a way to get in the audition room too!

Some of Faye’s tips for the perfect make up for headshots are
~ Keep it natural. Let the person looking at your headshot see who you are without lots of makeup. They can use their imagination for the rest.
~ You want to have flawless skin, but not a “caked on look”
~ Don’t wear false lashes, you want to maintain that natural look. If you are a person that wears false lashes every single day, then fine, wear them for a couple of shots at the end, but make sure to have natural shots too.
~ A tinted lip balm is usually enough for lips. Keep the power and focus in the eyes. You don’t want anything to become distracting.



All make up and hair in the above headshots are done by Faye Smith Make Up & Hair

Headshots are taken by Brandon Hart Photography

Faye Smith

Makeup & Hair

Blog By: Shayla Rose