Vancouver Spa Show 2012

Vancouver Spa Show 2012

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Vancouver Spa Show 2012


It was so wonderful to have the opportunity to join the wonderfully talented team chosen to represent Soluzione at the 2012 Spa Show in Vancouver. If you’ve read my previous blog postings, you may notice my 2011 Spa Show write up. I was so pleased to be called by Vancouver’s Youngblood Distributor, Soluzione, requesting my skills for the 2012 Spa Show.


The show keeps getting bigger and better. This year, we had Youngblood’s international artist come along to join our Vancouver artists in makeup makeovers, as well as conducting a Youngblood Seminar, giving spa show attendees tips of the trade. This was certainly a treat! Naturally, Phil’s seminar attracted attention to Youngblood, making our booth…insanely busy! We were swarmed with makeup lovers wanting to try the product! We were certainly kept busy this year. I can’t wait for 2013!


Faye Smith
Makeup & Hair Artist

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